• How do I use the dashboards?

    This How do I guide gives you information about using the:

    The dashboards provide information about the availability and performance of Online services for agents and the Tax and BAS Agent portals. They reflect issues using a traffic light system to advise if systems are unavailable or experiencing issues, using data sourced directly from our monitoring systems.

    The Tax and BAS Agent Portal dashboards share the same platform and although they are separate, they operate in the same way. The screen shots below are taken from the Tax Agent Portal dashboard but also apply to the functionality of the Online services for agents dashboard.

      TA Portal Dashboard system availability section 

    1.  Log in – log in to Online services for agents or the portal
    2. Refreshed about x minutes ago – indicates the last time this page was refreshed. You can refresh your screen to have the most up-to-date information
    3. Question marks – hover or click on the question mark to see an explanation of that item
    4. Blue arrow – click to view the definition of the current status

    The dashboards highlight whether specific functions in the relevant system are available or are experiencing performance issues.

    A traffic light system is used to show the overall performance of the relevant system.

    The dashboard colour will change when the number of error messages or slow responses experienced by system users is above a defined threshold. Once a number of users are experiencing an issue, the dashboard will reflect the issue.

    • Operational is green and indicates the system is working with no known performance or availability issues detected.
    • Degraded performance is yellow and indicates slow performance (that is, more than 30% of requests exceed a five second response time).
    • Partial outage is orange and indicates you may have limited access or it is working intermittently (that is, the login service is unavailable to more than 5% of users, and other services are unavailable to more than 15% of users).
    • Major outage is red and indicates unavailability.

    The coloured bar at the top of the screen indicates the overall status of the system – if the functions listed below are working, it will display green.

    Online services for agents

    • Login services – shows if there are any issues logging in to the system
    • View or lodge activity statements – shows any issues viewing or lodging activity statements
    • Search communication history – shows whether you can search and retrieve communications we have issued for your clients
    • View communication history – shows whether you can view a piece of correspondence found in the search function
    • Pre-fill and On-demand reports – displays the availability of income tax lodgment status, outstanding activity statements and pre-fill reports
    • Run STP reports – shows whether you can run Single Touch Payroll reports
    • View client accounts – displays the availability to view client account information
    • Create or view mail messages – shows the availability to create and view mail messages
    • File transfer – shows the availability of the file transfer facility to upload approved files
    • Access super clearing house – shows the availability to access the super clearing house
    • Add or remove clients – shows the availability to add or remove clients on your client list
    • Update client details – shows the availability to update client details

    Tax and BAS agent portals

    The BAS agent portal dashboard will only show the functions relevant to BAS agents.

    • Portal login services – shows if there are any issues logging in to the portal
    • Activity statements – reveals any issues viewing activity statements
    • Client communication list – shows whether you can search and retrieve communications we have issued for your clients
    • On-demand reports – displays the availability of income tax lodgment status and the outstanding activity statement reports
    • Pre-fill – displays the availability to view and download pre-fill data
    • Client accounts – displays the availability to view client account information
    • Mail messaging – shows the availability to request and view mail messages

    There are three reasons why the dashboard may not immediately show the colour reflecting your current experience:

    • You may be one of the first users to receive an error message or experience a slow response time – the dashboard will change after a certain number of users experience the problem.
    • There could be a separate issue with your AUSkey or Access Manager permissions, or your internet connection.
    • The dashboard is updated every five minutes – this means it may take a couple of minutes for the colour to reflect your experience.

    If you experience access issues or slow response times for more than five minutes and the dashboard is green, phone us on 13 72 86 FKC 3 3.

     TA portal Dashboard system metrics 

    You will see a list of planned maintenance showing the expected timeframes for the outage.

     TA portal Dashboard planned maintenance section 

    1. System metrics – this section is designed to show you how the relevant system has been performing recently. It shows the overall performance, not each individual user's experience.

    2. Day, week, month – filters the results by day, week or month.

    3. Response time –view the average time it takes for a page to load in the system based on your filter (day, week or month).

    4. Availability – view the average availability of the system based on your filter (day, week or month).

    TA Portal Dashboard feedback section 

    Use this section to provide your feedback to us. We would like to know about:

    • particular functions you would like added in future releases
    • your views on how we can further tailor the dashboards to meet your needs.

    Your feedback will be collated and considered. We do not issue replies.

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