• How do I use the Client communication list?

    The following shows you how to use the Communication function to retrieve the Client communication list information in the Tax and BAS Agent Portal.

     How to use the Communication function to retrieve the Client communication list information 





    Select Communication from the left hand menu.

    The Client communication list screen will be displayed.

     Client communication list screen 





    This screen allows you to select from the following search parameters:

    • All clients* 
    • Client TFN or ABN – you can input up to three client TFNs or ABNs
    • Time Period – a predefined time period can be selected or a From and To date range can be selected in choose dates 
    • Delivery method - you can select up to four delivery methods

    *Note: The list will only display results for your current clients and you will only see communication for the roles you are authorised for.

    This screen also allows you to select the Sort by preference for the order in which the list is returned, by either:

    • Sent date
    • Name - only applicable where more than one client is returned on the report.


    When searching for:

    • one client - the time period for the search will be pre-set to five years history on the report
    • more than one client - the time period for the search will be pre-set to return 30 days history on the report, which is the maximum allowable time period.

    Both time periods can be adjusted to provide more or less history, with a search able to go as far back as July 2008.

    Note: Searching for a large period of time can delay the search results being available.


    After choosing relevant parameters, select Search.

    The Client communication list screen will be refreshed with the list being displayed.

     Refreshed client communication list screen with the list being displayed  

     Client Communication Download list 





    The result of the search request allows the user to:

    1. View communication by clicking on the hyperlink embedded in the Description column within the table, or

    2. Download the entire list. 

    (Depending on the action taken)

    1. Selecting the hyperlink will open the specific piece of communication.*

    2. Selecting Download list enables you to download the list in a CSV (excel) or HTML file. A downloaded list does not include clickable hyperlinks to open specific pieces of communication.

    *Note: Standard print functionality is available so you can print paper communication if needed.


    To view additional pages of Client communication list 





     To view additional pages of the Client communication list, the user can:

    1. Select page number they wish to view

    2. Select the > icon.


    1. This will return the page of result.

    2. The next group of ten pages will be displayed. The icon can be selected until no further pages exist.


     Client Comms Search1  

     Client Communication list 






    To initiate a new search, select the V icon on the Client communication list screen.


    This will display the search parameters, where the options can be changed from the previous search or click reset to return to the default values.

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