• Complete activity statement - goods and services tax (GST) - amount variation result

    This screen is displayed for you to confirm your variation to your instalment amount.

    To accept the amount payable at ‘G23’:

    • select the Next button.
    Screen fields:




    This amount is calculated by the Tax Office based on previous amounts reported by you.




    G22 Estimated net GST for the year 


    Your new estimated net GST amount for the current financial year.




    G23 Varied amount for the quarter 


    Your varied amount for a quarter, based on a percentage of the figure you entered in ‘G22’.

    Select the:


    Go to list button


    to return to the 'Activity statement list’ screen. If you choose this option all of the data you have entered will be lost.




    Start again button


    to remove any of the details you have entered for this activity statement. The ‘Complete activity statement – activity statement start again’ screen will be displayed.




    View activity statement button


    to view the activity statement you are working on. The details displayed will include your obligations and the values that you have entered.




    Next button


    to accept the amount payable at ‘G23’. This amount will be transferred to ‘1A’ on the ‘Complete activity statement – summary’ screen.

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