• Client's employer obligations

    The Client's employer obligations function allows you to view the Single Touch Payroll (STP) reports that have been reported to us. 

    Single Touch Payroll event and update event report  

    This report allows you to view pay as you go (PAYG) withholding information reported to us via STP events. 

    STP event report: 

      • allows you to view PAYG withholding information reported to us via Single Touch Payroll events and update events for the current and previous four financial years 
      • displays transactions on the date submitted – including PAYG withholding and gross payment amounts 
      • includes the intermediary name (which is the name of the intermediary or payroll provider) who submitted the payroll data and their registered agent number (RAN) where applicable (this will only display if a pay event or update event has been submitted through the employer’s business management software) 
      • contains on-screen help. 

    To access the report, you will need to have the relevant permission to view and/or lodge ‘Payroll event form’ in Access Manager. These permissions are set by the Access Administrator for their standard users. 

    View the report 

    To view the report, select the STP reporting link. A message will display if there is no report available to view. 

    The report displays: 

      • the date submitted 
      • the intermediary name – if submitted by an intermediary on the employers behalf 
      • payroll transactions, including PAYG withholding and gross payment amounts 
      • up to 500 employee records 
      • a filter to customise your report view – you can download the report in CSV or HTML format by selecting the Download button 
      • on-screen help. 

    The report will only display if a payroll event has been submitted through the employer’s business management software. 

    Customising the report 

    You can use the filters to view by financial year, or input a date range to narrow your search. 

    A message will display if the search range does not return any results. 

    STP exemptions and deferrals 

    This form allows you to submit requests for the following. 

    • Transitional deferrals – defer the date to start reporting. 
    • Operational deferrals – unable to report for a period of time, only displays if the agent’s client has an STP reporting role and the first STP report has been lodged. 
    • Recurring deferrals – unable to regularly lodge on or before the pay date. This will require supporting documentation to be attached. 
    • Exemption – unable to report via STP. 
    • No requirement to report – still required to be registered for PAYG withholding but will not be paying employees for a period of time. 
    • Small business reporting concession – quarterly reporting for micro employers (one to four employees). 

    ·         Finalisation declaration deferral – additional time required to finalise payroll for end of year. If these records are not finalised the employer will be required to provide employees with payment summaries or use a finalisation declaration deferral. 

    When the form opens, select the radio button for the relevant request type. 

    Information required by request type 

    Transitional deferral 

    • Select financial year to commence reporting. 
    • Date to start reporting. 
    • Number of employees currently on payroll. 
    • Payroll software name. 
    • Reason for request. 

    Operational deferral 

    • Date of incident (start date). 
    • Date to re-commence reporting. 
    • Number of employees currently on payroll. 
    • Payroll cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, other). 
    • Date of first missed payroll event. 
    • Payroll software name. 
    • Reason for request. 

    Recurring deferral 

    • Start and end date. 
    • Number of additional days required to lodge each report. 
    • Number of employees currently on payroll. 
    • Payroll software name. 
    • Reason for request. 
    • Attach supporting documentation. 


    • Start and end date. 
    • Number of employees currently on payroll. 
    • Reason for request. 
    • Attach supporting documentation. 

    No requirement to report 

    • Start and end date. 

    Small business reporting concession 

    • Number of employees currently on payroll. 

    Finalisation declaration deferral 

    • Financial year. 
    • Date will finalise. 

    Depending on the type of request you are submitting, your request may either be ‘accepted’ or ’sent for assessment’. You will receive an ATO receipt ID and an on-screen message advising you of the outcome of your request. 

    Once your request has been submitted, you can keep a copy by selecting ‘print friendly’ to print or save as PDF. 

    Small Business Superannuation Clearing House 

    The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) is a service for businesses with 19 or fewer employees, or those that have an annual aggregated turnover of less than $10 million. 

    Users must have the correct permissions set by their Administrator in Access Manager. 

    Super guarantee contributions can be made as a single electronic payment to the SBSCH. It will then distribute the payments to each employee's super fund. 

    Before payments can be made, the client will need to be registered to use the SBSCH. 

    Tax practitioners can: 

      • add and update client details 
      • submit payment instructions and make payments 
      • register clients as new users of the SBSCH. 

    New features include: 

      • a change of SBSCH bank account details   
        • the new details are available on the Payment options screen when completing a Payment instruction  
        • make sure you update any saved BPAY payment references in your internet banking or other banking services 
      • the ability to save and manage multiple draft payment instructions – however you can only submit them one at a time 
      • a sort function on employee listings. 

    Note: BAS Agents can only use the BAS Agent Portal for clients who have an ABN.They cannot access the SBSCH for their clients who have a WPN.  

    You can call us on 1300 660 048 and we can process your transaction manually. 



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