• File transfer

    The File transfer function allows you to lodge and test selected files that have been prepared and generated from your software. 

    Scanned images or forms, screen prints, spreadsheets and word processing files (for example .pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg, .tif), cannot be lodged using the file transfer function on our portals.

    Before transferring files to us, you must first prepare and generate the file from your software to ensure that it is in a supported format and version compatible with our systems. 

    If you need help with generating the file from your software, contact your software provider.

    Refer to our product register at our Software developers homepage for a list of commercial software products and product specifications that meet ATO requirements.   

    About the file transfer function

    From the Lodge file screen you can: 

    • see the reports you are authorised to test and lodge 
    • submit a test file (this validates the file and checks for errors, but the file will not be lodged) 
    • lodge a file (the file will be validated and lodged if no errors are detected) 
    • browse for a file from your computer and select a file to lodge or test
    • choose to receive, or to not receive, an email notification when a validation report or file becomes available to download 
    • add, update or delete an email address for notifications 
    • declare the information is true and correct (the declaration is not required for files submitted as a test)

    The File status in progress screen will display after the file is uploaded and indicates the file is in the process of being validated for correct file type and that the user is authorised to submit the file. The file will not be lodged if errors are detected. Once the file upload process is completed a file reference number is provided. 

    The File status screen allows you to: 

    • view file details including
      •  file type 
      •  file name 
      • the status 
      •  ATO reference 
      •  a link to the downloadable validation report for files submitted to test or lodge, or a link to the downloadable file for files we have made available 
    • filter your file results by
      • file type
      • file name
      • period during which the file was submitted or made available
      • supplier Australian business number (ABN) contained in the file status
      • status or ATO reference
      • sorting your file results by date
      • refreshing the screen to update the results of any file validations or lodgments.

    To use File transfer, standard AUSkey users must have been given functional authorisation through Access Manager (AM).

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