• How do I vary an instalment amount when completing an activity statement?

    This How do I lesson commences from the homepage of the Business Portal after you have logged in. In this example, the fringe benefits tax instalment amount will be varied. The same process can be applied to varying a goods and services tax or pay as you go instalment amount.





    Choose ‘Activity statement’ in the left navigation bar.

    The ‘Activity statement list’ screen will be displayed.


    Select the ‘Business activity statement’ link from the ‘Not lodged’ list.

    The ‘Complete activity statement - details’ screen will be displayed.


    Select ‘FBT’ in the left navigation bar.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – Fringe benefits tax’ screen will be displayed.


    Select the Vary amount button to vary the instalment amount. Variations to the instalment amount must be completed by the lodgment due date.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – FBT amount variation entry’ screen will be displayed.


    Enter the new annual estimate at F2 and choose the relevant reason from the drop down list at F4. Select the Next button.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – FBT amount variation result’ screen will be displayed.


    This screen displays the varied instalment amount at F3. Select the Next button.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – FBT credit claim’ screen will be displayed when you are entitled to claim a credit for overpayment of instalments reported in previous quarters.


    The maximum amount that can be claimed is shown. Enter the amount to be claimed at 6B. Select the Next button.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – summary’ screen will be displayed.


    This screen displays the amounts that have been calculated from the information entered. Verify the amounts at 6A and 6B are correct. You must complete all reporting obligations for this activity statement. Select the Next button.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – send’ screen will be displayed.


    Read the declaration and, if you agree, select the Submit button to electronically sign this transaction using your digital signature.
    Please note:
    You need to sign the transaction with the credential you logged in with.

    The ‘Complete activity statement – lodgment receipt’ screen will be displayed after you have completed the submitting process.

    To complete your transaction, you will need to electronically sign your transaction with the credential you logged in with.

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