• Super fund member reporting

    This information is to help providers report via the Super fund member reporting form for the following services:

    • Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS)
    • Member Account Transaction Service (MATS).

    The Super fund member reporting form is the alternative reporting channel for MAAS and MATS.

    Authorisations required

    To submit reports through the Business Portal, reporters must have the correct Access Manager permissions. Standard users need to be AUSkey holders or myGov users with standard access. Administrators (administrator AUSkey holders or myGov users with administrator access) can log in to Access Manager to set the permissions for their standard users.

    To set the permissions in Access Manager:

    • Log in to Access Manager
    • Select Access and permissions under the My business heading in the left-hand menu.
    • Select the name of the user you want to update.
    • In the Permissions table under the Business tab, go to ATO Services
    • Find Super – Member account services (lodge and update) or Super – Member account services (View)
    • Click in the box to enable the permission to lodge and select Save.

    Completing the form

    To complete this form you'll need the following member information:

    • member account identifier
    • unique superannuation identifier (USI)
    • name
    • date of birth
    • tax file number (if held)
    • address (if held).

    Additional information you need to complete the form will vary depending on whether you are reporting a MAAS or MATS (and the type of MATS transaction you are reporting).

    Information you need is outlined in the following documents:

    Reporting through the Super fund member reporting form aligns with SuperStream (SBR2) MAAS and MATS reporting as outlined in the above Business Implementation Guides.

    How to complete the form

    • Select Online forms in the left-hand menu
    • Select Super fund member reporting in the list of forms
    • Select either Search for an existing member or Open a new member account 
    • Print or save your report
    • Lodge another report for the same member, or return home and lodge another report for another member by selecting the appropriate link.

    Search for an existing member

    If you select Search for an existing member you will be able to:

    • view, update or close the most recent MAAS report
    • view previously reported MATS transactions
    • report a MATS transaction including
      • member contribution balance amounts
      • employer contributions
      • non-employer contributions
      • retirement phase events
      • notice of intent
    • adjust or cancel a MATS transaction.

    Open a new member account

    If you select Open a new member account you will be able to:

    • open a new account
    • enter all relevant details and submit the form.

    Print or save your report

    When you submit a report, you'll receive an on-screen message telling you that your report has been successfully submitted. The on-screen message provides an ATO Receipt ID and where relevant, the message timestamp.

    Make sure you print or save a PDF of the print-friendly version for your records. You may not be able to access this information at a later date. It contains details required to:

    • reconcile any incorrect MAAS reporting
    • adjust or cancel a MATS transaction.

    You can choose to lodge another report for this member by selecting the link. Alternatively, you can return home or lodge another report for another member by selecting the link.


    The form contains on-screen help. Select the help function (?) to the right of screen within the form for assistance with content.

    For further help see:

    See also:   

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