• Private ruling - required information

    This screen requires you to supply information that will help you determine whether you meet the basic requirements for a valid private ruling.

    This screen helps determine basic requirements only. The officer processing your objection will advise whether your application is valid.

    To provide information for your private ruling application

    On this screen:

    • answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions on the screen
    • complete any fields required
    • select the Next button.

    The Private rulings – applicant details screen will be displayed.

    An asterisk (*) denotes a mandatory field. Completing a mandatory field may result in other fields becoming mandatory.

    Screen fields

    For which tax period/s are you seeking the private ruling? (dd/mm/yyyy)

    Dates must be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format. For example, enter 30th June 2004 as 30/06/2004.

    Enter dates that cover the full period that applies to all subjects in your ruling – for example:

    • for income tax years 2001 to 2006, enter 01/07/2000 to 30/06/2006
    • for fringe benefits tax 2005 year, enter 01/04/2004 to 31/03/2005
    • for a combination of subjects, enter the start date for the earliest subject and end date for the latest subject.

    Audit reference for previous, current or proposed audit notification

    The reference number at the top of the audit notification letter (or latest communication about the audit) and the contact name given on the communication.

    Reference for previous written ruling

    The reference number on the Notice of private ruling.

    Reference for previous oral ruling

    The oral ruling receipt number provided to you by our client service representative.

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