• Itemised account - by income tax year

    This screen will display transactions relating to an income tax year.

    The income year can be changed either on screen by selecting the down arrows or navigating to the ‘Options for showing account information’ screen. Income tax year is the period to which an income tax return relates. For most, the year is 1 July to 30 June, unless a substituted accounting period (SAP) has been adopted.

    Account transactions can be viewed two different ways:

    • by Tax Office processed date, or
    • by income tax year.

    The account payout amount and the estimated general interest charge (GIC) are not available from this screen.

    Transaction list

    Lists all transactions relevant to a particular income tax year.

    These transactions are considered relevant to an income tax year:

    • when they relate to a specific period within the income tax year – for example, a goods and services tax (GST) liability for the period 01/04/2003 to 30/06/2003, lodged in July 2003, will appear in the 2003 income tax year list even though the due date for payment is in the 2004 year,


    • where there is no period information, transactions relate to the income year in which the effective date falls – for example, a payment made in July 2003 for an activity statement relating to the period 01/04/2003 to 30/06/2003 will appear in the 2004 year list; the income year in which the transaction occurs. Payments are not applied to specific activity statements or tax obligations – they are applied to the balance of the account on the date received.
    Screen fields:

    Transactions relevant to the <CCYY> income tax year (dd/mm/ccyy - dd/mm/ccyy) 

    Select the appropriate income tax year from the drop down box. The year shown will relate to the end of the income tax year.

    The default setting is the current income tax year.


    Select the Go button to refresh the transactions for the income tax year selected.

    Process date 

    The date the transaction was processed by the Tax Office.

    Effective date 

    The date the transaction affected the account. For debit amounts, it will reflect the due date, allowing for weekends and public holidays. For payment and credit transactions, it is the date the payment or credit was received or notified. The date is used for calculating the GIC where applicable.

    Transaction description 

    Describes each transaction type.

    Depending on how the transactions are sorted (process date or effective date) the description displayed may change. For example, activity statement obligations will appear grouped under a heading when sorted by processed date and will appear separately when sorted by effective date.

    Debit amount 

    The amount of a debit transaction. A debit amount is owed to the Tax Office.

    Credit amount 

    The amount of a credit transaction. A credit amount is owed by the Tax Office.


    The account balance after each transaction. A credit balance will include the suffix ‘CR’. The balance is cumulative, starting from zero each year. The amount displayed does not necessarily represent the actual account balance.

    Screen buttons:

    More display options 

    Select the More display options button to go to the ‘Options for showing account information’ screen.

    Account list 

    Select the Account list button to go to the ‘Account list’ screen.

    Refund request 

    Select the Refund request button to go to the 'Refund request' screen. This option is only available for users with appropriate access. See your access administrator if you need to have your access permissions changed.


    Transfer request 

    Select the Transfer request button to go to the 'Transfer request' screen. This option is only available for users with appropriate access. See your access administrator if you need to have your access permissions changed.

    Payment options 

    Select the Payment options button to go to the ‘Payment options details’ screen.


    Payment options and methods provides you with information about how to make a payment.

    Account queries

    If you would like more information about an account, send us a message via ‘mail’ topic located on the left navigation bar.

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