• Payment options - details

    This screen shows the amount you need to pay and the payment methods available to you.

    Account name

    The name of the account you are currently viewing. To change accounts, select the Change account button and select another account name from the dropdown list.


    Closing balance

    This is an estimate of the amount you have to pay on a given date.

    The balance shown may not be exactly what you owe, or are owed by us. If you need information that is not displayed on your account, contact us.

    Estimated general interest charge

    This is an estimate of the general interest charge (GIC) owing (where applicable) up to and including the date displayed at Total payable if paid on.

    Total payable if paid on

    The figure you see at this field is the grand total of the amounts you owe as of the date displayed at Total payable if paid on. You can project how much you will owe in the future by changing the date displayed and selecting Go.

    The default for Closing balance and Estimated GIC is today’s date but you can project into the future by changing the date at Total payable if paid on and selecting Go. The estimated GIC for that particular date will now display.

    Making payment

    Electronic funds transfer (EFT) code

    If you want to pay by BPAY, direct debt or direct credit, you will need to quote this code as your customer reference number. Your EFT code is different for each account.

    When you are ready to make a payment, check the right account is displayed at Account name and make a note of the EFT code for that account. If you need to switch accounts, select the Change account button and select the right one from the dropdown list. Once you have changed accounts, the EFT code for that account will be displayed next to Electronic funds transfer (EFT) code.

    Payment options

    You can use any of the payment options displayed on this screen to make payments by BPAY, direct credit and direct debit is displayed on this screen.

     For more information, refer to How to pay  

    Payment slip

    This button opens a new window containing your account information, amount payable and the payment options available to you. It includes a barcode for making payments at Australia Post. The information is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF) and may not be fully accessible if you are using a screen reader.

    If you click Payment slip and a new window does not open, you may have a pop up blocker turned on. Follow the directions of your browser and security software to turn off this blocker, or go to Business Portal help for instructions. 

    Account queries

    If you would like more information about an account, send us a message via the Mail menu item located on the left navigation bar.

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