• Options for showing account information

    This screen allows you to obtain account information in a display that best suits you. The information can be sourced by two different methods:

    • by Tax Office processed date – this can be used to help locate payments (or liabilities) and general interest charge (GIC) amounts , and to locate specific transactions or liabilities, or
    • by income tax year – this will help you prepare the annual income tax return.

    By Tax Office processed date

    Lists all transactions processed by the Tax Office in the date range selected. The list of transactions will include all those processed during the specified period between the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates. Select the Show button to display the transactions in the itemised account format.

    Screen fields:

    Record of transactions processed From <dd/mm/ccyy> To <dd/mm/ccyy> 

    Choose the appropriate ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates by selecting the down arrows in each of the drop down boxes.


    Select the Show button in the same section to display the ‘Itemised account-by Tax Office processed date’ screen.

    By income tax year

    This screen lists all transactions relevant to a particular income tax year. These transactions are considered relevant to an income year:

    • when they relate to a specific period within the income tax year – for example, a goods and services tax (GST) liability for the period 01/04/2003 to 30/06/2003, lodged in July 2003, will appear in the 2003 income tax year list even though the due date for payment is in the 2004 year,


    • where there is no period information, the transactions relate to the income year in which the effective date falls – for example, a payment made in July 2003 for an activity statement relating to the period 01/04/2003 to 30/06/2003 will appear in the 2004 year list (the income year in which the transaction occurs). Payments are not applied to specific activity statements or tax obligations – they are applied to the balance of the account on the date received.
    Screen fields:

    Transactions relevant to the <CCYY> income tax year 

    Select the appropriate income tax year from the drop down box. The year shown will be the year in which the income tax year ends (for example, show 2003 for 2002-03 income tax year).

    The default setting is the current income tax year.


    The income tax year is from 1 July to 30 June, unless a substituted accounting period (SAP) is approved.

    Itemised account 

    Select this option to display the account transactions as a list in the itemised account format.

    Tax type summary 

    Select this option to provide a summary of tax obligations suitable for use when completing income tax returns. It shows the total of each of the tax types reported and interest obligations for the specified year. The net amounts displayed are the sum of:

    • all activity statement obligations reported
    • all pay as you go withholding obligations reported by large withholders
    • all obligations reported for excise, and
    • all interest obligations.

    If the year selected is the current income tax year, the current year to date summary of transactions plus the previous completed income tax year summary will be displayed.


    For a list of the different tax types and excise obligations see the tax type summary section.

    Combined tax type summary and itemised account 

    This option combines the ‘Tax type summary’ screen with the ‘Itemised account’ screen, allowing you to view the summary tax information with all the account transactions relevant to the selected income tax year.


    When the tax type summary year selected is the current income tax year, the current year to date summary of transactions plus the previous completed year summary will be displayed.


    Select the Show button in the same section to go to the ‘Tax type summary’, ‘Itemised account - by income tax year’ or a combined screen.

    Screen buttons:


    Select the Reset button to change the information in the fields to the default settings.


    Select the Cancel button to return to the previous screen.

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