• Revise activity statement

    This screen displays the details of your lodged activity statement and allows you to enter revised amounts.

    Buttons will only display on activity statement that are eligible for revision.

    Screen fields

    The fields displayed will vary depending on your obligations and whether or not this is an ATO generated revision.

    Original activity statement/instalment notice details

    • Account – this shows the account type, sequence number and name.
    • Period – this displays the period of the activity statement/instalment notice.
    • Attention icon– this displays the due date for lodgment and payment

    Your obligations

    A summary of the amounts that were reported on this activity statement for the period will be displayed. To revise the figure provided, select Edit and overtype the current figure with the new amount.

    To revise instalments, select Edit and choose the Vary instalment option.

    Variations to the instalment amount must be completed by the lodgment due date.

    Indirect taxes four-year time limit to revise

    You have four years to revise an activity statement when claiming a refund or credit for indirect taxes. The Revise button will not display for activity statements where more than four years has passed since the notice of assessment has been given. For more information, refer to Guide to self-assessment for indirect taxes.

    Changing information provided on your activity statement or instalment notice

    Complete the following steps:

    • select the activity statement or instalment notice from the History list
    • select the Revise button at the bottom of the screen
      • Revise is only displayed on activity statements or instalment notices that are eligible for revision.
    • select Edit for the obligations you are revising
      • Edit is only displayed if the obligation is eligible for revision
    • enter your revised details in the appropriate fields.
    • For instalment notices:
      • tick the declaration box
      • select Submit to submit the form.
    • For activity statements:
      • Select Save and continue to save the changes made and return to the Revise activity statement screen
      • review the details entered and make any further necessary changes
      • tick the declaration box
      • select Lodge to submit the form.

    To save the changes and continue with the revision at a later time or on a different computer select Save and exit.

    Only complete the fields that you need to change.

    Do not include any decimal point or cent amounts, round these values down to the nearest whole dollar amount. So instead of entering $124.75 you would enter $124. 

    Changing your PAYG instalment reporting option

    You can either:

    • select the Change to ITI option 1 button to change from option 2 to option 1 and enter your details in the appropriate fields, or
    • select the Change to ITI option 2 button to change from option 1 to option 2 and enter your details in the appropriate fields.

    You can only change your ITI option in your first quarter and if the administrative due date has not passed. 

    Discard revisions

    To discard the revised details you have entered select the Cancel button.


    The outcome of this activity statement/instalment notice is displayed as

    • Refund amount
    • No amount payable, or
    • Amount owing to ATO.

    Any revisions made may adjust the outcome and a revised outcome will display.

    If a refund is due to you it will be offset against any other tax debts and the remainder issued to you within 14 days of lodgment.

    If you are required to make a payment you should make this payment by the payment due date. You are reminded that the general interest charge (GIC) accrues on any amount that is not paid by the payment due date.

    Screen buttons


    This button is displayed if you have multiple reporting obligations. Select Edit to enter reporting details on each obligation.

    Declaration check box

    Selecting the declaration box is the electronic signing of the declaration shown on the screen.


    Selecting Cancel returns you to the Activity statement list screen. If you choose this option all of the data you have entered will be lost.

    Save and exit

    Selecting Save and exit will save the details you have entered for this activity statement revision and return you to the activity statement History list.


    Submits the revision to the ATO.


    Displays a list of frequently asked questions relating to what is presented on the screen.

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