• Cancel tax type - excise

    This screen displays all excise tax types that exist under a selected account. It displays a table (at the bottom of the screen) that shows:

    • all tax types attached to the account
    • the tax type status
    • the date from when the status of the tax type became effective.

    The screen also enables cancellation of eligible excise tax types.

    Eligible excise tax types

    Only the following excise tax types will be eligible for cancellation:

    • fuel tax credit (FTC)
    • energy grants credits scheme (EGCS)
    • product stewardship oil (PSO)
    • energy grants cleaner fuels scheme (CFGS)
    • fuel sales grants scheme (FSGS).

    Only excise tax types with a status of ‘active’ will be eligible for cancellation.

    An ABN cannot be cancelled through this process. To cancel your ABN using your online security credential, log in to the Australian Business Register

    When your ABN is cancelled, online security credentials (Manage ABN Connections & AUSkeys) associated with the ABN are also cancelled and you will not be able to access the portal or lodge any outstanding activity statements via our digital channels.  

    To cancel eligible excise tax types:
    • select the reason for cancellation
    • confirm or update the postal address for the account
    • select the checkbox next to the tax type/s that are to be cancelled
    • select the Next button.
    Reason for cancellation
    • Only one reason for cancellation can be selected at a time.
    • Where a reason for cancellation would not be appropriate for the cancellation of a range of eligible excise tax types, you will need to complete separate cancellation processes.
    Date of cancellation
    • The date recorded will be the current date.
    Updating postal address

    The postal address is the address used by government departments and agencies as a point of contact to issue notices, correspondence and activity statements.

    Postal addresses:
    • address line 1 may include any one of the following: C/, C/-, C/O, CO, Care Of, GPO, GPO Box, PO, PO Box, Post Box, Box, Post Office, P/-, Locked Bag, Private Bag, RMB, RSD, RMD
    • address line 1 should not be blank
    • address lines 1 and 2 must not contain numbers only or the characters ~`!@#$%^*_=+{}[]\|;:”,.?<>
    • should not contain ‘corner’ of two streets or ‘as above’.
    Suburb fields should not:
    • be blank for Australian addresses
    • contain the following characters ~`!@#$%^*_=+{}[]\|;:”,.?<>
    • contain numbers only
    • contain three or more repeated characters.
    State fields

    Where the address is either:

    • in Australia, use the drop-down menu to select the state, or
    • outside of Australia, leave this field blank.
    Postcode fields:
    • are mandatory for Australian addresses
    • should be four numbers.

    To complete this transaction:

    Electronically sign the declaration page using your digital signature. 

    Please note: You need to sign the transaction with the credential you logged in with.  

     For more information, refer to Definitions.  

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