• Add contact details

    This screen enables you to add a contact’s details to your account. The authorised contact may be you, or a person authorised by you.

    This contact must be authorised to make changes or updates on your behalf. You will need to provide the following details about the authorised contact:

    • name
    • position held
    • mobile, phone and fax numbers (including STD or ISD codes)
    • preferred language
    • email address of the person who may be contacted regarding any of these issues.

    An entity must have at least one authorised contact.

    Not all information supplied can be stored against all roles or accounts. In all cases the view screen reflects the information which can be stored.

    A maximum of 25 contacts can be added in one transaction. 

    To submit these details:

    • select the Next button.

    To complete this transaction:

    If you need more information about the details which are displayed, refer to Definitions.

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