• Unread message report

    The ‘Unread message report’ provides authorised Tax Office staff with a list of messages that remain ‘unread’ for a particular period of time – whether or not they have been deleted. This list will include all Tax Agent Portal and Business Portal unread messages.


    The report is overwritten each month and no electronic copy is kept.

    The report must be generated by business each month because there is no copy available.

    What is the ‘Unread message report’?

    • The report is produced on the first day of each month.
    • The report is displayed on one extended portal screen. Staff cannot delete messages from the report within the portal.
    • The report displays messages that have been unread for more than 14 days before the report date.
    • The report has the following report criteria:
      • messages that have remained unread for more than 14 days before the report date
      • all deleted unread messages (equal to or less than 30 days old), and
      • deleted unread messages drop off after only 30 days.


    Staff cannot delete messages from the report within the portal.

    Deleted unread messages only ever display in one report before they drop off.

    • Messages display in date order. For each message, the report will display the:
      • portal receipt number assigned to the message
      • client name
      • client identifier and type (ABN, TFN, TAN)
      • client market segment
      • date the message was sent to the client
      • level 1 and 2 allocations derived from the Siebel work queues
      • number of days unread, and
      • deleted status (Y/N).

    Downloading and sorting the ‘Unread message report’

    The report should be downloaded to Excel, so that it can be filtered according to your requirements.

    To download the report:
    • right click on the portal window and select ‘Select all’ (all screen data will be selected)
    • right click on the portal window again and select ‘Copy’
    • open Excel and click in the top left-hand cell
    • right click and select ‘Paste special’
    • select ‘Text’
    • select the OK button, and
    • save the report in Excel.

    You can re-sort messages within Excel.


    The ‘Export to Microsoft Excel’ option will not work from the portal.

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