• Tax type summary

    This screen displays a summary of:

    • each tax type related to the account, and
    • interest amounts processed during the selected income year.


    The summary displayed does not include payments made or penalties incurred during the income year.

    The income year can be changed either on screen by choosing a different year from the drop down box, or by navigating to the ‘Options for showing account information’ screen.


    The year for different tax types will vary. For example, in the case of income tax, the period is referred to as an income year and is usually from 1 July to 30 June. The income tax year may differ if a substituted accounting period (SAP) has been adopted. In the case of fringe benefits tax (FBT), the year is referred to as the FBT year and is from 1 April to 31 March.

    If no transactions relating to the period have been processed, the amount field will show a zero balance for that tax type.


    Make sure that all activity statement obligations for the income year have been met before using the information to help prepare tax returns.

    The display of an amount relating to a liability does not mean that the tax has been paid.

    Screen fields:


    Transactions relevant to the <CCYY> income year 


    Select the appropriate income tax year from the drop down box. The year shown will be the year in which the income tax year ends (for example, select 2003 for the 2002-03 income tax year).

    The default setting is the current income tax year.






    Select the Go button to refresh the transactions for the income tax year displayed.

    Net amounts for the income year selected

    For integrated client accounts, this screen displays the net summary of the client’s reported activity statement obligations for the year to date. The summary is a calculated amount based on the transactions processed in the income year. Transactions are considered relevant to an income year:

    • when they relate to a specific period within the income tax year - for example, a goods and services tax (GST) liability for the period 1 April 2003 to 30 June 2003, lodged in July 2003, will appear in the 2003 income tax year list even though the due date for payment is in the 2004 year


    • where there is no period information, they relate to the income year in which the transaction’s effective date falls - for example, a payment made in July 2003 for an activity statement relating to the period 1 April 2003 to 30 June 2003, lodged in July 2003, will appear in the 2004 year list (the income year in which the transaction occurs). Payments are not applied to specific activity statements or tax obligations – they are applied to the balance of the account on the date received.

    The net amounts displayed are the sum of:

    • all activity statement obligations reported
    • all pay as you go withholding obligations reported by large withholders
    • all obligations reported for excise, and
    • all interest obligations processed.

    Select the hyperlinked amount to display the individual transactions that make up the net amount.

    Description of tax types and interest amounts

    The following tax types may be displayed:


    • customs duty
    • deferred company/fund instalments
    • diesel fuel grants
    • diesel fuel rebate
    • excise
    • excise duty
    • fringe benefits tax instalments
    • fuel sales grant scheme
    • fuel tax credit
    • goods and services tax
    • goods and services tax instalments
    • luxury car tax
    • natural resources withholding tax (mining) natural resources tax
    • pay as you go income tax instalments
    • pay as you go tax withheld
    • petroleum resource rent tax
    • product stewardship oil
    • tobacco leaf charge
    • total net assessable interest income
    • total net deductible interest expense
    • wine equalisation tax
    Screen buttons:


    More display options 


    Select the More display options button to go to the ‘Options for showing account information’ screen.




    Account list 


    Select the Account list button to go to the ‘Account list’ screen.




    Refund request 


    Select the Refund request button to go to the ‘Refund request’ screen. This option is only available for users with appropriate access.




    Transfer request 


    Select the Transfer request button to go to the ‘Transfer request’ screen. This option is only available for users with appropriate access.


    Payment options and methods provides you with information about how to make a payment.

    Account queries

    If you would like more information about an account, send us a message via ‘mail’ topic located on the left navigation bar.

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