• Best practices guide for the use of security credentials

    Security credentials are electronic files and/or software that are used for identification purposes when transacting over the internet.

    Security credentials are used to establish a secure environment for online transactions. This provides assurance that your online transactions with us are safe by letting us know we are interacting with the right person for each transaction.

    Modern security credentials make fraud very difficult. For someone to gain access to our online services as you, they must:

    • use a computer on which your AUSkey is installed and know your password
    • know your myGov username and password and have your one time myGov security code.

    Every person associated with your business, practice, or entity who wants to deal with us online on behalf of your Australian business number (ABN) will need their own security credential.

    Find out more about ensuring your online security.  

    Protecting your security credential

    The security of the information you want to protect through the use of an AUSkey is dependent on keeping your credential secure.

    Never disclose your password to anyone, including ATO staff or the provider of your credential.

    Creating a myGov password 

    When deciding on a password, make sure your password isn't easy to guess and keep it safe. Your password must:

    •   be at least 7 characters long and have at least 1 number
    •  not have the same character repeated or sequential characters (for example, AAAA or 1234)
    •  have any of the following characters: ! @ #$ % ^ & *.

    If you forget your password select Forgotten your password? on the myGov sign in page to create a new one. 

    Creating an AUSkey password 

    When deciding on a password, make sure that it is sufficiently complex. Your password must:

    • be at least eight characters long 
    • contain numeric as well as alphabetic characters 
    • have a mix of upper and lower case alphabetic characters 
    • have at least one special character (for example, !,@,#). 

    If your password is compromised

    This situation should be treated with the same degree of urgency that you would give to the loss of a credit card.

    Manage ABN Connections

    If your password is compromised or you think someone has accessed your myGov account unlawfully, contact myGov or member services. 

    AUSkey holders

    If you still have access to your AUSkey, login to AUSkey credential manager and cancel the AUSkey online. You will then need to register for a new AUSkey.

    If you no longer have access to your AUSkey, any Administrator AUSkey holder within your business can cancel your AUSkey online at AUSkey credential manager 

    If you are an Administrator AUSkey holder who no longer has access to your AUSkey, and there are no other Administrator AUSkey holders within your business, call 1300 AUSkey (1300 287 539) to have your AUSkey cancelled.

    If your security credential has expired

    AUSkey holders

    As long as you use your AUSkey at least once each year, it will not expire. If your AUSkey does expire you must register for a new one. You can check the expiry date of your AUSkey by logging into AUSkey credential manager.

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